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"Laurie knew how complicated and difficult our third sponsorship would be, but she dealt with it by supplementing the necessary documents and evidence to strengthen our case. The way she constructed our procedural fairness letter was exceptional, addressing every aspect of the application, the immigration officers might tackle or question. It was a pleasure working with her and I would personally recommend her to everyone."

Jamira M - Spousal Sponsorship, Philippines


"I did not know where to start with my Canadian Citizenship application and I am so glad I reached out to Bengtsson Immigration Consulting because they made it so easy. They helped me each step of the way and provided me with great information and amazing service. I highly recommend them."

Masoud S. - Canadian Citizenship, Iran


"The people at Bengtsson Immigration are knowledgeable, kind, and professional. I highly recommend them."

Claire K. - Humanitarian and Compassionate Application, Rwanda

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